1. At a time of accelerated digitalization of companies and of society, the importance of cybersecurity is now undeniable.

    However, this digital world, with great opportunities, must be based on an essential foundation - that of trust. Trust in our infrastructure, in our current and future technologies, in mastering the development of our innovations and in the use of our digital solutions.

    But is innovation not to propose solutions that respond more effectively to the needs, the use of our customers, public and private and the challenges of tomorrow ?

    EGERIE is the European leading software company providing cyber risk management and data protection solutions in Europe.

    EGERIE offers a collaborative platform for a comprehensive, agile and structured approach to governance, management and compliance of cybersecurity risks and personal data protection.

    Recognized by the highest government and regulatory authorities, EGERIE's technology enables companies and government organizations to understand how they are exposed to risks and to assist them in helping to decide on the security measures to be implemented.

    In order to accelerate its development and deployment of its solutions, EGERIE raised funds from ACE Management, Europe's leading private equity firm in cybersecurity, at the end of 2019.

    EGERIE is a visionary, European and committed company.


  1. +120 clients
  2. +20 years of cybersecurity and risk analysis expertise
  3. +150 certified solutions consultants
  4. An extensive network of partners across France and Europe


  1. In the 2000s, Jean Larroumets and Pierre Oger, engineers by training, entered the cyber world, still anonymous, through a consulting, auditing and training activity within the company FIDENS.

    Together, and in conjunction with their large account clients, they developed software for their own consulting needs - a software that became a major success with customers who requested the availability of the solution for their internal use. This is how our dedicated and agile structure was born.

    While the OECD was already urging public and private sector leaders and decision-makers to address the issue of digital security risk and integrate it into their overall planning at that time (2002), it was not until 2012 that the French Army Ministry decided to make it a priority and thus highlight this issue that had become strategic.

    As a result, EGERIE quickly established itself as a leader in cyber risk analysis and in 2016, the first agile, collaborative, and industrialized cyber risk analysis technology platform was launched.

    In 2019, EGERIE received the first EBIOS Risk Manger label from ANSSI (French National Agency for Information Systems Security) as well as two first-rate "mentions" in GARTNER's "Magic Quadrant for IT Risk Management” and as a "Vendor to watch".


  1. Since 2016, EGERIE has been co-led by the two founders of the company: Jean Larroumets as President and Pierre Oger as CEO.

  2. picture-jean
    Jean Larroumets has spent his entire career in the field of cybersecurity, and has extensive knowledge of the technical, organizational, and regulatory workings. He is actively involved in industry governance bodies and in the professional associations of security and risk analysis including the Cyber Taskforce, the EBIOS Club, of which he is a founding member, CLUSIR Toulon and the French Tech Toulon Sud.
  3. Pierre Oger has been a technical, organizational, and regulatory expert on cybersecurity for many years. Today, he assists the major corporate and government departments in the consideration of Cyber risk and the implementation of a global cybersecurity management system. Pierre Oger is a member of several cybersecurity and risk management trades federations such as Hexatrust, of which he is VP and member of the Board of Directors.


  1. In recent years, business leaders have become very aware of cyber security issues and the risks businesses face. CISO agents guaranteeing the protection procedure need more than ever to be able to prove to management that all risks have been analysed and that situation is constantly under control. All threats, whatever they be, cannot be ignored. This obligatory mastering of cyber security is further strengthened by field regulations (GDPR, II901, RGS, IGI1300, PCI DSS, etc) and the ever more stringent measures of insurance companies.


  1. EGERIE has a dynamic team made up of diverse commercial and technical talents (research and development engineers, developers, cyber experts, project managers etc.) and with a variety of roles and opportunities.

    In view of our expansion and growth, we still want to grow the team and to add technical and commercial skills in both France and abroad.

    Joining EGERIE is a human adventure driven by our cultural core values we believe in: Respect - Requirement - Creativity - Commitment - Expansion.

    Want to be part of the adventure ?

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