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  1. In the current context of digital transformation, information and its use are the subject of significant attention, at all points from acquisition to storage. For companies, data has become a major new strategic asset, it must be both usable and protected, especially if it is a sensitive data.

    The individual, on the other hand, is a major consumer of information. They are also a data producer, but anxious to protect their privacy from misuse of their own personal data and seeking guarantees about protection. Confidence in digital technology and the use of information is key, and regulators around the world rightly monitor and supervise the processing of personal data. Within the European Union, GDPR regulations have been in effect since 25 May 2018, and companies have already made extensive changes in order to comply.


  1. The puzzle of compliance with the GDPR can be simplified by good organization and the use of relevant tools, especially those that promote the dynamic management of personal data processing.

    Depending on the activity of the company, the life cycle of the data and the evolution of treatments and controls, it is now necessary to be compliant and to be able to go and collect the data of a personal nature, often in unstructured documents.

    With its proven solutions, EGERIE allows you to adopt a true "privacy" posture guaranteeing better protection of your personal data.