Press release
Paris, 4 June 2019

  • EGERIE : the first company certified EBIOS Risk Manager-compliant by the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI) !

    Raising the level of cybersecurity in France and Europe
    To support organisations in the face of cyber risks, ANSSI has launched a new risk analysis method named 'EBIOS Risk Manager': an innovative, collaborative and practical approach, which is suited to new digital security challenges. « This method makes digital security a strategic and operational challenge and is part of a collective, forward-looking approach aimed at raising the level of cybersecurity in French and European organisations. » states Guillaume Poupard, Director General of ANSSI.
  • Tooling the method
    ANSSI wanted software publishers to equip the new EBIOS method with tools. EGERIE, France's leading cyber risk management company, decided to work alongside the agency. It is now the first company to have received this certification, which was awarded on ANSSI's 10th anniversary.

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    We have been engaged in cyber risk management for years. We have developed agile, collaborative, intuitive and dynamic solutions that meet the needs of end users and we needed official support and recognition from ANSSI. This certification should give more visibility to trustworthy solutions available on the market and encourage ownership of the method, as well as the risk-based management approach. states Jean Larroumets, Chairman and founder of EGERIE.

  • EGERIE confirms the need to develop secure-by-design solutions while meeting European requirements concerning the protection of personal data. The SME therefore provides its EGERIE Risk Manager-certified solution to mobilise companies, from regulatory compliance to the deployment of optimised cyber risk governance through a "cyberdynamic" risk management and re-evaluation process.
  • Management of subcontractors and the ecosystem: a key point of EGERIE Risk Manager

    He issue of subcontractors, which has been overlooked for too long, must be rapidly taken into consideration. Subcontracting chains must be better protected, from end to end. This is what we offer in concrete terms with this new solution. adds Pierre Oger, CEO and founder of EGERIE.

  • Promising growth

    With the support and trust of big names, such as the Ministry of the Armies, the Port of Marseille, hospitals, major groups listed on the CAC 40, and key players in the banking and insurance industries, in France and Europe, EGERIE continues to grow and develop its business. Thanks to double-digit growth in turnover, and capital currently being raised, EGERIE plans to strengthen its management, sales and technical teams, and continue its R&D investments, which are currently worth more than 4 million euros.

    The SME also plans to expand its influence in Europe. This certification, which comes as recognition and a reflection of its efforts « Highlights our expertise, which will now shine throughout Europe, thanks to this boost from ANSSI, and open up new possibilities for us ! » concludes Jean Larroumets.
  • A look at the EBIOS Risk Manager method

    The EBIOS Risk Manager method adopts a three-stage approach based on five workshops.
    1. - Build a solid security foundation by applying relevant security standards in relation to the state of the art and regulations.
    2. - Assess risks with a focus on the most dangerous targeted and intentional threats, able to undermine this security foundation. A differentiated approach is therefore offered, according to whether the aim is to deal with risks related to opportunistic attacks and/or targeted attacks (strategic and operational scenarios).
    3. - Deal with ecosystem risks. This new method also enables the risk related to subcontractors, which are often presented as one of the weak links in the cyber chain, to be better taken into account.
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  • About EGERIE

    EGERIE publishes Europe's leading cyber risk management platform. The software solutions provided by this French SME enable companies to manage their cyber risks (EGERIE Risk Manager) and data protection (EGERIE Privacy Manager) with agility and intelligence. EGERIE already equips many major European clients (in sectors such as banking, health and defence), which are looking for accurate, visual decision-making information to best guide their cybersecurity operations, in line with their business challenges and regulatory requirements. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, analysis engine, and business and standards libraries, the EGERIE platform maps out organisations' cyber risks and rationalises their cybersecurity strategies to be defined, implemented or maintained. Its centralised and collaborative platform makes it easy to integrate each new system or project into a company's cybersecurity approach, ensure global monitoring that involves all key employees, and provide executive committees with all of the indicators they need to make decisions and rationalise their investments.