picto-map-blue Vers une révolution du cyber risque management

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  1. Notre nouveau livre blanc vous propose une plongée stratégique dans le développement indispensable d’une analyse et d’une gestion des risques cyber efficaces, soutenues par des méthodes éprouvées. Gestion globale des risques ; nécessité d’identifier, de cerner et de combattre...

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picto-map-blue Highlights of our solutions

efficacité d'évaluation du cyber risque

70% of time saved

For mapping and assessing
cyber risks

Indicateurs précis et visualisation claire pour prendre les bonnes décisions et les suivre


Precise indicators and
clear visualisation to help make the right
decision and to follow up on it

Bibliothèques pré-intégrées (registres, vulnérabilités, menaces…), proposition de mesures


Profiles adapted
to users expertise
automatic updates

Implication des différents métiers, profils utilisateurs adaptés, consolidation centralisée


Implication of business managers
made simple

Plus de 20 référentiels nationaux et internationaux pré-intégrés (LMP, PSSI-RGS, RGPD...)


More than 20 pre-integrated national and
international references

Automatisation des méthodes d’analyses des cyber risques (ISO 27005, EBIOS…)


State of the art
automatic analysis
Adapted controls proposed
by software

picto-map-blue Software Risk Manager and Privacy Manager : Customer experiences


Discover how Orange optimised and automated risk identification on a worldwide scale for governance at group level with EGERIE Risk Manager.

With 500 users in 40 countries, Orange combines a decentralised use with risk consolidation at business level. Risk mapping has been improved for optimal governance.


Discover how the Ministry of Armies deployed EGERIE Risk Manager to manage cybersecurity and the approval process.

The deployment of EGERIE Risk Manager within the Ministry of Armies and with numerous defense industries (over 1000 users) allows better identification and management of risks during the approval process. Centralized consolidation assures better capitalisation. Automation allows better efficiency all while improving the quality of output


Discover how MONEXT, a payment service provider, who assure a DPO role for its clients used the EGERIE Privacy Manager software for GDPR compliance.

With EGERIE Privacy Manager, MONEXT implemented registers in compliance with GDPR in just a few weeks, defined the adapted indicators and carried out the classification of risks and necessary impact analysis(DPIA). Well prepared, MONEXT and their clients now have peace of mind !

Our Partners

Our network of certified partners and specialised adviceregarding Cyber security or
Personal Data
, are more than capable of accompanying you in each step of your project.
They handle everything from regulatory compliance to Cyber governance
implementation at company level.